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What is single-varietal Grappa?


What is single-varietal Grappa?

Recent years have seen a perception shift towards Grappa, it is no longer skulled, it is savoured.  The rise of artisanal Grappa distilleries, with collective aim to produce quality over quantity, has given enthusiasts a new and refreshing expression of the spirit.  Using discontinuous stils, rather than the more industrial continuous types, allows these artisans to capture the subtle aromatics and display the wealth of sensations, contained in the grape’s skin. 


Historical Grappa production, made only to drink, not savour, relied heavily on blending different grape varieties, with the final product lacking body and character.  It is neither good nor bad.  With the rise of the artisan Grappa distilleries and the control their dedication allows, single grape varieties can now be bottled and presented to the consumer.

Single varietal Grappa, meaning ‘distilled from only a single grape variety’, is considered superior to the more traditional blended spirit, if done right that is.  It requires massive amounts of dedication and passion, it is not an easy task.  We have focused on making the best Grappa we can make.  All of our processes and methods are designed to produce the best Grappa possible. No preservatives or chemicals are used during processing and fermentation of the grapes, as such, the pomace must be distilled immediately after fermentation is complete to ensure maximum freshness.  Riding the tail of the wine vintage, we only get the privilege to make Grappa three months of the year.  At Pietro Gallo Estate we are passionate about our Grappa, an Italian writer Mario Soldati summed it up best when he wrote “If wine is the poetry of the earth, Grappa is its soul.”     


Our first single-varietal Grappa release, Grappa Di Prosecco is a traditional Grappa made from the pomace (pressed grape skins) of the prosecco grape, grown in the gorgeous King Valley.  We released our Grappa di Prosecco in 2018 and it has been wonderfully received by both consumers and spirits aficionados alike.  We were blown away recently receiving both a double-gold medal (2019 China Wine and Spirits Awards) and our first Best In Show (San Diego Spirits Competition 2019) within a week of each other. 

We aim to help change the public’s perception of Grappa, which is a tough job in Melbourne considering the spread of backyard “grappa” attempts in sheds around the city. With bursting excitement, we have just released our second single-varietal grappa, made from the Yarra Valley favourite, Pinot Grigio grape.  Our Grappa di Pinot Grigio is more delicate than our first release, with subtle and elegant aromatics of peach and white flowers. 

Introducing another locally produced, single-varietal grappa to the Australian consumer is a milestone we are very proud of.  Allowing people to experience grappa from different grape varieties allows for better insight into the soul of grappa. 

What would the world be like if all wine varieties were blended into one bottle?

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